Installations can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Many are straightforward roof mounts but when line of sight becomes problematic other directions have to be explored.

We provide mounting hardware for every conceivable line of sight. From standard J arms to custom nested pop up towers, to full telescopic towers and custom roof and eave mounts. If a part can’t be sourced for your installation, we fabricate it.

We have many trade partners that offer extended services to compliment your installation. If tree or branch removal is needed we are partnered with Arborists to accommodate that. If special electrical wiring is required to complete your installation we have electricians to accommodate that...and the list goes on.

With well over 800 Starlink installations performed to date, and thousands of Bell and Shaw satellite systems installed over the last decade, no one else comes close our depth of experience and customer service.

Innovative, Insured, Professional


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